2020 Summus (750ml)

  • Information sur le produit

    The Summus bordeaux blend is, very simply, a blend of the very best barrels of the very best cuvées in the cellar, pulled together after trials undertaken to assemble the most elegant, harmonious, complex and ageable wine.

    The Merlot brings its intense, plummy, brooding, cocoa-laced fruit to the table, while the Cabernet Franc is all about finesse: perfectly ripe and perfumed, it dances on the palate, adding yet another layer of complexity. Here at Domaine Queylus, we are all lovers of the finesse of Pinot Noir, and it is perhaps for this reason that we also have a weakness for the ‘softer’ of the Bordeaux varieties, those blended from Merlot & Cabernet Franc. In these wines, we find perfume and finesse less evident in the other, later maturing Bordeaux varieties.

    A ‘meditation wine’ to sip slowly at the end of an evening, to watch carefully mature in you cellar for several years.